I’m Sian Richardson.
I’m a Graphic Designer, a Kiwi, and a rule-breaker. 

I work with game-changing entrepreneurs and next-level thinkers to help them bring their ideas to life. I’m motivated by the need to explore innovation & push the boundaries of what's expected. 

Whether it's through one-on-one design projects with my clients, through eBooks or products I create, or through my blog posts and things I write, it's my mission to get people to just be themselves. 

We're constantly comparing ourselves to other people who have bigger audiences, make more money, and do things better than we do. 

But here's the deal — it's not about being bigger or better than anyone else. It's about bringing everything you've got to the table to create something you're proud of, that's unique to you.

How I got here...

I spent a couple of years working in a 9-5 job as a Graphic Designer before I realized I just wasn’t cut out for that lifestyle. I’d sit in an office at my desk, gazing out the window at the sun shining and a country waiting to be explored, and I’d wonder why the hell I had to be locked inside for 80% of the week. It didn’t make sense to me, and my freedom-driven soul just wasn’t gonna accept it. I wanted to see the world. I wanted to live my life on my own terms. 

After about 6 months of living a double life of working the 9-5 and side-hustling freelance work on my nights and weekends, I quit my job and started my own business. 

I was living in Sydney at the time, and after about 6 months of living in the sunshine and revelling in my newfound freedom, I moved back to New Zealand to save some money and get amongst my own country.

In September 2013 I moved to Canada, where I’ll be hangin’ out for a year. At the moment you'll find me in and around British Columbia.

Ever since I started running my own business it’s been my dream to travel the world, laptop in hand. I think the concept of 'work/life balance’ is bullshit, and I’m on a mission to completely obliterate the line between the two. As far as I’m concerned, work is life, and life is life. 

I’m so stoked and grateful to be able to live a lifestyle that gives me such freedom, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Exploring & seeing the world is just as
important to me as creating is...



Random stuff about me... 

+ I fucking love Motorsport. When I was younger I spent many of my weekends at kart tracks around the North Island of New Zealand, with my brother’s racing. The smell of a race track gets me every time.

+ I have double jointed elbows. I constantly freak people out when I stretch my arms out. It's hilarious.  

+ I don't drink coffee or tea. I've barely ever had one cup of either, in my whole life. The only hot drink I go for is hot chocolate. 

+ I left high school a year early. One of the best decisions I've made. 

+ I don't own a single pair of heels. I can’t walk in them, and I can’t even be bothered trying. 

+ I’ve done the Nevis Bungy Jump, and the Nevis Swing, in Queenstown, New Zealand. There’s something about having to throw yourself 134m off a cable-car suspended in the middle of a canyon that changes you… It helps you realize that you really can do anything, if you put your mind to it.

+ If I could steal anyone's style and pull it off, it'd be Ellie Goulding. 


Other things I've created…

I have mad love for side projects, and I’ve collaborated on 3 to date. 

I Co-Founded 16HOURS Magazine, curating and featuring the work of photographers around the world and welding it into mad inspirational themes.

Striking Truths was a collaboration created to bring a manifesto a day that could bottle wisdom and make it shareable.

Rebels With a Cause was a collaboration that banded a league of 13 game-changers together, in the form of an eBook and wallpapers that aimed to push creatives to their full rule-breaking potential.  

I’ve also written an eBook, called Live Like a Boss; How to go from the 9-5 to Self-Employed, and Make Great Art, compiling everything I’ve learnt about starting a creative business into a tell-it-how-it-is eBook, to inspire my friends and other creatives to live a life they love.