Feeling stuck but still have deadlines to meet? Give this a shot

Feeling stuck but still have deadlines to meet? Give this a shot. | freshbysian.com

You’ve got shit to do, but not matter what you do you just can’t seem to get ‘in the zone’.

Sure, if you really wanted to you could chain yourself to your computer in your office or wherever you usually work from…

But what if you decided to totally switch up your scenery and take a little creative-getaway for a couple of days? 

When I’m feeling stuck, but there’s still work to be done or deadlines to meet, my number one way to make stuff happen is to book a sick motel for a night or two.

A couple of weeks ago I had a few things I needed to do that I’d been putting off for too long, so I decided to pack up my shit and head to Taupo for the night. It was exactly what I needed and I came back feeling refreshed + ready to rock. 

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Here’s how to create your own get-shit-done-getaway ::

+ Decide how far you’re willing to travel, and what your budget is. 

Do you only want to drive a few hours, or are you willing to get on a plane? 

A note on the money thing : If you’re on a tight budget or you’re unsure about this, think about the outcomes vs. the investment… So even if you book a really luxe motel for one night at $200+, will the amount of work you get done in that time see you get that investment back in no time? 

+ Get researching, then book it. 

A couple of things to consider when you book ::

: Do you need a desk or a table to work at? Not all motel rooms come with a desk or a table, so if you're unsure about this, give them a ring to double check. 

: Do you need Wifi, or are you able to work offline or take your own Mobile Wifi?

Try not to spend too much time on this. Find somewhere awesome that you're comfortable with, and book it. 

+ Before you leave your house, write a list of what needs to be done.

I find it so much easier to set a task list BEFORE you get there. This way you just have to open your computer and get to work. No fucking around or excuses to avoid the work.

A couple of notes on this :: 
: Be sure that the time you've booked is reasonable enough to get this stuff done, and that you’re not overdoing it.

: Set a time for each task. Take a rough guess at how long each thing will take, and write it alongside each task. This will help downgrade the overwhelm + make it easier to plan your time out. 

: Group smaller tasks together. Say you have a bunch of small Admin tasks you need to do — can you set aside an hour or so and jam them all out at once? 

+ Stock up on food/snacks. 

Grab whatever food you might need on the way, so you have no excuse to head out and stock up. 

+ Check in to your motel as early as you can.

You can try contacting your motel before you rock up to see what the earliest check in time is, or just wing it. My favourite thing to do when I book an awesome motel is book in as early as possible so I know I’m gonna get my money’s worth. 
(On my most recent trip I stocked up on snacks, got myself a big ole' Pita Pit for lunch, and checked in at about 1pm. It was fucking AWESOME — lotsa time to get shit done without having to work through the night.)

+ When you get there :: Commit. 

You would have already written out your to-do list, so the only thing to do now is get to work. Start with the hardest thing first, then move onto the other stuff. Commit to getting the work done, whatever it takes. 

+ Get some space or some air when you need to.

When you feel the need to take a break — make the most of the hotel’s facilities. Do they have a pool or a gym you can get amongst? If not, can you get out and take a walk or a drive somewhere? Refresh your mind, then get back to it. 

+ Post-getaway, take the day off.

Chill. Explore. Do whatever you want — as long as it doesn't involve working. Revel in LIFE knowing that you've just hustled like a mofo for the last day or two. 


If you'd prefer to read this post as a PDF, grab the free download below!


So that's one of the few ways I love getting shit DONE, even when I'm not feeling too motivated.

Have you got any tips or go-to ways to get in the zone when you're feeling stuck? Hit me in the comments below!

The Warning Signs :: Things to Look Out For When Hiring Contractors

The Warning Signs :: Things to Look Out For When Hiring Contractors | freshbysian.com

I know we like to think everything will always be rainbows and unicorns when we hire people in our biz, but sometimes it just doesn't happen that way.

A project goes south.
It becomes obvious that the person you're hiring maybe isn't so good at what they do.
They disappear on you, leaving you hanging.  

I've had a few first-hand experiences like this, both personally hiring people in my own business, and working with my clients to help them hire other creative contractors.

It happens. It's a bitch, but it happens. 

I want to help you avoid these situations as much as possible, so here's a few things to keep an eye out for when you're hiring creative contractors in your biz...

  • It just doesn’t feel right. The most important one! If you’re talking to someone and the vibe just isn’t there, or you’re not hitting it off as much as you expected, walk away. This sometimes sounds a little obvious, and maybe even cliché, but any time I’ve ignored my gut and done something anyway, is when I’ve been screwed over.
  • It sounds too good to be true. If they promise something to be high quality, at a cheap price, with a fast turn-around, chances are it’s probably too good to be true.
  • They’re the cheapest. Generally, the ones who know what they are doing know how much value is in their work, and they know how to charge appropriately. 
  • They don’t exactly come across as a pro in their field of expertise. If they’re a Website Developer, do they have a fucking solid website? If they’re a Designer, is the design + vibe Website and Social Media channels cohesive? If they’re a Copywriter, does the copy on their website hook you in? 
  • They’re willing to go ahead without a contract. This is especially important for bigger jobs. A good contract will protect both of you equally. If they don’t even mention a contract, this is a sign they’re probably not too committed to doing good business. 
  • They don’t ask many questions about your project, goals, or budget. How interested or invested are they in what you’re actually creating? 
  • They can’t provide many examples of their previous work, or testimonials.
  • They want more than 50% of the payment upfront, unless it’s a one-time service such as a strategy session, where full payment upfront is normal. This can vary a lot between creatives, so just go with your gut on this one.
  • They say yes to your every single request. This can be a bit of a warning sign that they’re not great at what they do if they’re willing to do ANYTHING to get your work. This typically isn’t the kind of people you want to work with. You want someone who is confident enough in what they’re doing, when to say no or when to speak up.

This post is a section from my toolkit — Play Bigger :: Your Go-To Guide for Hiring Your Creative Dream Team 

To create really amazing things, you need to have a team of people that just GET you. When you hire people in their zone of genius, it frees you up to get back to the shit you love. 

Fucking up, quitting, and other thoughts about 'the work'.

Fucking up, quitting, and other thoughts about 'the work'. | freshbysian.com

So there’s this gap between where you are now, and where you want to be.

We’ll call it ‘the work’. 

There's a lot of people out there selling secrets, magic pills and fast tracks to success... and I don’t buy them for one second. Just because something worked for someone else — there are ZERO guarantees it will work for you. 

It's not easy, and it's not fast, but carving your own path and figuring shit out for yourself is the only way to do it right.

The reason I want to write about this is because I feel like it’s so much harder than we make it out to be, and I kinda wish we’d talk about it more. 

So, here’s a few thoughts about ‘the work’ ::

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:: You get to define what ‘work’ means to you.

Just as we get to define our own success, I believe we get to choose what the word ‘work’ means to each of us. For some, it might be a 9-5 job with a company that you really love. For some, it might be off travelling the world blogging & documenting it as you go. For some it might simply mean doing the shit you’re called to do. 

If you get your business to a place where you only need to ‘work’ a few hours a week, then that's awesome. No one has the right to make you feel bad or guilty for doing less hours than them. 

Same goes for the opposite… If someone is really damn happy working a 9-5 job Monday - Friday, and they get to live the life they want to live, it’s not on anyone else to judge that. 

Define your own hustle. 


:: There’s a reason not everyone will get out and chase their dreams. It’s fucking hard. 

The way I look at it, it's kinda like a test. The Universe (or whatever you choose to believe in) throws the tough stuff at you, because that's where you're going to learn and grow the most. 

Every time you're faced with a big-ish decision, it's like a slap in the face asking you : how much do you want this? 

Are you willing to take giant leaps towards the unknown, with zero guarantees on what you'll learn or discover along the way? 


:: For every decision you make — ask yourself whether it aligns with your values and if it will take you closer to where you want to be. 

Learn to say NO to the stuff that will take you backwards or keep you standing still.

Say YES to the stuff that will help move you closer to where you want to be.

Imagine you’re 12 months into the future, looking back at the last year of your life. How do you want those 12 months to look? 

Another side to this is knowing when to quit something that isn't working. 

In the past 6 months or so I've ended contracts on two big Branding + Website jobs, and a couple smaller jobs, because they just weren't working. The smaller jobs were my fault for saying yes when I should have said no, and the vibe just wasn't there on the bigger projects — so we mutually decided to end the projects.

In just over 3 years of my business, I'd never had to end projects early like this, so it scared the shit out of me. It was tough and strange and scary, but in the end it was the best possible outcome for everyone. No more wasted time, energy, or money. 

Your ego probably won't like this 'quitting' thing, but you'll live. 

The hustle only matters when you're devoted to the right stuff*. Otherwise, what the fuck is the point? {Tweet this}

*'the right stuff' = the stuff that will take you closer to where you want to be.

If you're on the fence about a certain project or situation, ask yourself this question ::  

Would I feel lighter if I quit this? 


:: You're allowed to fuck up. 

You're allowed to go backwards a little.

You're allowed to take a break with no clue what's next.

You're allowed to make mistakes.

You don't need to have your shit together 24/7. 

But here's the thing :: don’t make the same mistake twice. If you mess up or lose focus, take notice of how you got there in the first place.

Re-align with what you want and get back on track as soon as you can.


:: When you’re 'in the zone', stay there for as long as you can. 

Creativity ebbs and flows.

When you’re feeling it, roll with it. Create. Write everything down. Commit. Get shit done. 

That zone won’t last forever, and when its time to chill and take a break, you’ll feel awesome having got so much of that work ‘out’ of you.

Just recently I had a massive zone where I just wanted to create shit 24/7, for about a month. I stuck with it, and although I’m kind of exhausted now, I launched two new products + came up with a whole stash of new ideas in that zone. So when I'm ready, I've got a whole bunch of ideas and plans to go back to.


:: Don’t forget to L I V E. 

You are not your job, or your business.

There’s more to life than just how we make money and serve others.

Get out and see the world. Have wild adventures. Meet people. Explore new places. Keep your mind fresh. Do what you need to do to remind yourself that the way you live your life isn’t the only way. 


:: And… don’t forget to give yourself some credit along the way. 

Chances are, when you sit down and really look at what you’ve accomplished so far, you’ll be STOKED.

Gratitude for where you are + what you have in this moment right NOW is a powerful thing. 

I've also created this post as a easy-peasy PDF for you. Get amongst your free download below!


So... those are a few of my thoughts on 'the work'! I'd love to know what you think, or what stuff you've had to overcome to get to where you are now.

Hit me in the comments below!