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Maybe you’ve seen around the Interwebs, I've been working away over here on my first course — Be Unmistakable: A 30 Day Adventure In Building A Brand That Captures The Vibe Of Your Business.

The Pre-Sale’s kickin’ off next week to my Mailing List kids, but before that I wanted to offer up a little something...

I’ve got three free spots to give away. Yah! Want to nab one of them for yourself? 

Easy. Just enter your name and email in the form at the bottom of this post, along with your story — what you do, why you would really benefit from the course, what you’re dreaming up for the future.

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Here's some more info about the course ::



  • The new-ish business owner who’s been in the game for a minute - and is ready to be seen & heard like never before.

  • The fearless original who’s sick of the noisy virtual space - and wants to stand out from the copycat crowd.

  • The design dabbler with a killer eye for good aesthetics - but isn’t quite sure how it all fits together

  • The gifted hustler who’s studied the greats - and wants to take their place at the table, too

  • The visionary ready to bring their ideas to the world - without fumbling through a few rounds of less-than-awesome branding


To create a brand that looks, feels, and sounds like YOU, across all platforms and projects —




  • Have a deeper understanding of the power of brand consistency: what it means, how to create & sustain it, and how this foundation will see you through for years to come (as you DIY your design, or hire creatives)

  • Feel more clued in to the power of high quality design + a look and feel that’s totally YOU

  • Uncover confidence you didn’t realize you had - and the know-how to put yourself out there in a powerful, unique-to-you way

  • Know what it takes to craft a stand-out brand in the online business world
  • Understand the power of hiring good creatives, and how the aesthetics of a brand can transform your business


I'm giving away 3 SPOTS (valued at $57 USD each) in the course — starting June 1st, 2015 — to the people who would benefit most from it. I want to know what your story is, and why you think this course would be perfect for you. All you have to do is fill out the form below!

Entries close 5pm NZDT, Monday May 11th, 2015.
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490km. One Day. All For This.

490km. One Day. All For This. |

I've been spending a lot o' time in front of the screen the last couple of weeks, so with the weather looking ace for this past Saturday, I declared it Adventure Day.

I'd only been down to Mt Ruapehu once since October (when I got back to NZ from Canada), but it was super cloudy and really crap weather, so you couldn't really see much, and I didn't fancy going for a ride on the Summer Chairlift in the clouds and rain.

So, with the weather looking super clear for this past weekend, I decided to head on down to the Central Plateau for the day, on a little solo adventure. 

It's about 3 hours drive from where I live, so it's definitely a full-day trip. I decided not to stay the night down there, so although most of the day was spent driving, it was worth every second. 

490km. One Day. All For This. |
490km. One Day. All For This. |
490km. One Day. All For This. |

On Friday night I was stalking up the Mt Ruapehu website to see if the Summer Chairlifts were still running, but I couldn't really figure it out... So off I went anyway. 

So when I rocked up to Whakapapa Ski Field, I was pretty stoked to see that the chairlift was still running. The views from the top are fucking insane, so it didn't even require a second thought. 

The cafe up the top — the Knoll Ridge Chalet is New Zealand's highest cafe, chilling at 2020m above sea level. The views from inside the cafe are kinda mind blowing, as you can probably see from these photos! The range out to the right of the Chalet is called The Pinnacles. 

I don't know why exactly, but I have a huge fascination with Ski Fields, especially in the off-season. Maybe it's cause I never really grew up around this snow sports/winter culture. Or maybe its just a nature thing... It's pretty mind blowing to see how different landscapes can completely transform between the seasons.

490km. One Day. All For This. |

In this Central Plateau area there's 3 active volcanoes — Ruapehu, Tongariro, and Ngauruhoe (which doubles as Mt Doom, if you're a Lord of The Rings nerd). 

So when you consider that Ruapehu (the one with the ski fields) is considered to be one of the most active Volcanoes in the world, as well as the biggest one in New Zealand, it's a bit crazy.

The last time Ruapehu erupted was in 2007, but there's been a few news articles lately that its starting to heat up again... (Which I only found out when I got home from my little adventure. Ha.)

490km. One Day. All For This. |
490km. One Day. All For This. |
We travel because we need to, because distance and difference are the secret tonic to creativity. When we get home, home is still the same, but something in our minds has changed, and that changes everything.
— Anonymous
490km. One Day. All For This. |
490km. One Day. All For This. |
490km. One Day. All For This. |
490km. One Day. All For This. |

Adventure on, friends!

12 Badass Handwritten + Script Fonts

12 Badass Handwritten + Script Fonts |

Finding good quality, badass fonts is a task in itself sometimes, and even more-so when it comes to Handwritten + Script fonts.

There's SO many free ones out there, and while they some of them might be awesome, there's a lot of shady ones, too.

Good handwritten fonts seem to be one thing people are always on the hunt for, so I figured I'd go on a mission and find my top 12, and round 'em up for you. 

So, here you go! 

12 Badass Handwritten + Script Fonts |

And, here's the links through to purchase each font...

Away :: Purchase Here

Signature Script :: Purchase Here

Loveton :: Purchase Here

Dead Stock :: Purchase Here

Avocado :: Purchase Here

Brayden :: Purchase Here

Stubborn Faith :: Purchase Here

Againts :: Purchase Here

Outfitter Script :: Purchase Here

Goodfy :: Purchase Here

Flash Back :: Purchase Here

Velik :: Purchase Here