On trying too hard, protecting your shit, and making. [+ My new project!]

For the last few weeks I took a break from writing fresh emails + blog posts, as I needed to create some space for new ideas to come to life... So today is my first email back from ma little break!

I learned a few things while I was away, and I've been working away on a new offering that I'm totally stoked on, so I wanted to share more with you!

Here’s 3 big things I learned on my little break over the last few weeks…

+ Stop trying so hard.

I remember chatting to my coach a few months back about doing something new and different, and we talked about how it would feel for me to create some kind of offering that wasn’t necessarily business or Branding based, but more about just doing your own thing and winning at your own game (which is what I’m all about)… At the time I knew that felt exciting as fuck, but also kinda scary because I had no idea what this offering could even LOOK like.

I just decided to let it sit for a while and trust that over time the idea would come, and I’d just feel the vibes when I was onto something. Well, this new ‘thing’ has been showing up a lot over the last month or two — and I’ve been paying attention. The vibes are good and I’m SO stoked about where it’s going (more about this below!).

But the thing is, this idea only really started to take shape when I stopped trying so damn hard. Almost every day for a couple weeks I’d sit down at my laptop brainstorming ideas for new offerings. They were all the same. Nothing was exciting… And I just kept thinking ‘Fuck, what the hell am I gonna make?’.

Then me and my friend Lana took a road trip across BC and into the Rockies for a few days, minus our laptops or any work stuff. We just drove and adventured and hung out in the sun. After that trip, I devoted more time to just hanging out in cafes or at the beach, with only my notebook and my headphones. And that’s when this idea started to take shape. So it was only after I really gave it some space that it started to form naturally.

The lesson :: Stop trying so fucking hard. Create space for new ideas and opportunities to show up in your life. [Tweet this]

+ Protect your shit.

With this new project, I’ve felt super protective of it at times, and it took me a few weeks before I really told anyone about it.

Over time it kind of dawned on me that maybe this was a sign I was doing the work I should be doing, and it was on me to protect that space until I felt ready to share it. (This whole protect your shit/how to know when you’re onto a good idea thing is something I want to write about more too.)

The lesson :: Hold space for your own dreams and visions, even if that means you have to keep them to yourself. [Tweet this] And when you do share them — go into it with no expectations, and an open mind.

Side note :: Check this article I wrote a while back about expectations.

+ Make the stuff you wanna make.

Everyone I talk to lately has been saying how they feel a really big shift coming soon in this online space, and I couldn’t agree more. There’s so much ‘stuff’ out there that sooner or later, only the truly authentic + straight-up people will be left standing, and I couldn’t be more stoked about this. It’s going to challenge us to get creative and take bigger risks into new territory… And well, thank FUCK for that, right?

So, do you wanna stick with the formulas and how it’s been done before, or do you want to wade into new territory and create shit based on what gets YOU stoked, and see what happens?

I know the latter sounds scary as hell, and that’s because it is. It means trusting your intuition. It means jumping without knowing what’s on the other side.

There’s a chapter in Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert that talks about trust and creativity, and I have to quote this one paragraph ::

Anyhow, what else are you going to do with your time here on earth — not make things? Not do interesting stuff? Not follow your love and curiosity?

The lesson :: Take a step back and think about what you wanna make + what you’re curious about. [Tweet this]

And here’s a look at what I’ve been working on!

You’re sick of doing things the way they’ve always been done. You’re ready to commit like a motherfucker to winning at your own game, and you’re prepared to do the work to get to where you want to be.

Sound like you? Sweet, then I think you might dig what I'm cookin' up.

I haven’t been more stoked about a project for a very long time, and I’m having the best time bringing this thing to life. I’ve been sharing bits and pieces on Instagram over the last couple of weeks, and I still can’t really spill all of the beans because it’s still unfolding, but here’s what I can tell you ::

  • This isn’t an eCourse or an eBook, or any kind of info product. The goal isn’t to ‘teach’ you anything… The goal is to get you stoked on winning at your own game.
  • It’ll be in a format that’s digestible + fun + easy to access. It’ll be simple, and juicy as fuck (and the design will be pretty baller too, if I can say so;) ).
  • The Exclusive Pre-Sale (just for you — as a member of The Standout Squad) is coming August 16th! I’ll be sharing lots of sneak peeks up until then too.

I’m kinda hella scared about putting this out into the world. The more I brainstorm ideas for this thing and actually work on it, the more I can see a big vision for it… And it really feels like the kind of work I should be doing. But one thing that’s keeping me grounded is reminding myself that I can’t control the outcome at all… All we can do is control the input, and the stoke levels, right?

ps. I wanna know what you've been working on! Comment below and tell me in one sentence what you're bringing to life right now.

pps. Watch this.

Time for a break. You need one too?

So we’re chilling at the edge of Lake Moraine in the Canadian Rockies, totally in awe of the mountains and all of the nature vibes around us (check the photo above)… We got there right at the end of the day around 5.30pm, so there wasn’t too many other people around. It was total bliss. And then it hits me…

I hadn’t even had time to think about work all day.

I didn’t take my laptop with me on this trip because I didn’t have anything that needed to be done, and because I was with a friend I didn’t want to be working or on my computer anyway. And it just so happened that I’d blasted through my data for the month, so I wasn’t able to check anything online unless we had Wifi (which wasn’t very often). Our goal for the trip was just to have adventures… And that we did.

Even though our trip only lasted 4 days — it gave me all of the motivation I needed to take a bigger step back from my business, or at least what you see publicly. I’ve been writing these weekly emails since I really committed to it last September, and I know that it’s time for a little (4 week) break.

I want to take a step back so I can go balls-deep on a new project, but also so I can just do the shit I love + the stuff that inspires me to make good work — which means living in the sunshine, all of the road trips, and just straight up adventuring.

I can’t say too much about this new project right now (mostly because I still have no idea what it will look like), but I can defo tell you that I want to share the process as much as I can… So by the time I’m back, I’ll hopefully have a rough outline sussed out and I can start the real work — and you can come along for the ride!

Here’s why it’s so important to be able to take a step back ::

:: You need perspective.

There’s no doubt you’ve had a situation like this somewhere in your life before… You know you needed a break, but you were scared as hell to leave because what if everything falls apart? But what about everything that needs to be done? I’m sure you already know, but here’s the thing… You’ll never understand what’s working and what isn’t until you can just step the fuck back for a little bit. [Tweet this]

I know it’s scary at first, but this is what it takes to really level up and create badass work. It’s easy to stay ‘in it’ and just keep grinding and grinding and grinding… So it takes some balls to step back. But think about it this way... Being able to step back is going to benefit you and your customers or clients. You’ll likely come back with a fresher mind than when you left, and a totally new approach to everything — and this could change everything for you.

It forces you to remember why you’re in this, and what you want the future of your life and biz to look like. And that’s what it’s all about, right?!

:: Creativity needs space.

To really truly create our best work, we have to create space for that good shit to show up. I know this might sound kinda woo-woo, but it’s really not. When you can step back and create space in your mind, and also in your schedule, ideas start flowing and it just puts you on a different level than if you’re trying to be innovative and run a business.

:: And remember… Stepping back can look however you like!

You could totally go rogue and escape the internet and everything for a month if you want, or you can just take a break from a certain part of your business. For me personally — over the next 4 weeks I’m just taking a break from writing these emails and posting weekly on my blog. I’ll still be on Instagram and working away behind the scenes — it’s just that I need to fuel that creative energy into something new + fresh, instead of trying to do all of the things all of the time.

So… Now it’s your turn.

Somewhere within the next few months, block out at least 2 days where you can step back from your biz. As I mentioned above, it’s up to you how far you step back, but if you can go all-out and ditch the whole internet, DO IT.

And two things before I’m out!

:: A little heads up about what you can expect over the next 4 weeks… So I’ll be back on this blog (and in your Inbox, if you're a part of the Standout Squad) with new content on July 19th (NZ time) — but over the next 4 weeks I’ve got a few of my most popular articles lined up for you, if you're part of the Standout Squad gang! If you're not already on board, you can sign up over here.

:: But… You can expect one more post from me this week, as I’m dishing up a last-time offer for my Branding course, Be Unmistakable! I’m in the process of evolving it into something new, but I wanted to offer it up as-is one last time, because I’m super proud of the content and I know so many people got so much value out of it. (So far over 140 people have gone through it!)

So keep an eye out in your Inbox on Wednesday for all of the deets. I’ll be offering the original (more compact) version of the course, meaning it will be under $200. It’s super accessible, and I think you’ll dig it.

As always, stay awesome + see you on the flip side,


p.s. Thanks to ma friend Jason for inspiring me to take a break! 

Feeling kinda 'meh' about your business at the mo? Do this.

Feeling kinda 'meh' about your business at the mo? Do this. | from freshbysian.com

If you follow me on the Insta you might have seen a post I chucked up last week about how I've been feeling kinda 'unsure' about some stuff with my biz lately. I've been meaning to just sit down and write out everything I was thinking/feeling about it, and the other day I finally did -- and it was so fucking helpful. Turns out I do know what I want -- I just kept avoiding the signs.

I feel like this is almost always the case, right? Deep down, we really do know what we want, but we tell ourselves that we're unsure because it's scary as fuck to face that stuff.

But the craziest things happen when we give ourselves permission to just get real and to write or speak without a filter. That's when the truth comes out.

You have to give yourself permission to write freely about how you REALLY feel. [click to tweet]

Sit at your desk, go to the beach, go to a cafe, whatever works for you -- and write about how things are feeling for you right now. Go to the beach or a cafe -- whatever works for you. Just be sure to escape all the distractions as you do this. Create the space.

You can just write freely, or here's a few questions to get you started ::

+ What am I sick of?

+ What do I want to see more of?

+ What's currently on my plate that I don't want to be? (And how could I get it off or delegate it?)

+ What do you want your life to look like in 6 months? 12 months?

+ What gets you SUPER excited when you think about it, in your business?

Wanna know what came up for me?

Check out this photo I took of what I wrote in my notebook. Good luck trying to read my writing and excuse the typo's! But to sum it up, I'm not sure how I feel about giving myself the creative entrepreneur title at the moment... Sure, it's probably the closest title to what I actually am, but sometimes those labels mindfuck me more than they help me. Ya know? And I guess in general I just want to spend more time creating something really fucking badass -- and just see what happens.

At the moment I'm not sure what this will look like, but I'll be sure to keep you posted!

So... If you do this exercise and you get to the bottom of what's been holding you back lately, and you feel like sharing, comment below and let me know what you discover!