Get the look that stands out, speaks up, and grows with you - flawlessly.

YOU //

Are an entrepreneur or small business owner here to change the world.
Need a kickass Manifesto/eBook/eCourse/Brand + Website that feels like YOU. Period.
Respect your peers - but jam to the beat of your own bassline.
Have an open mind. A keen vision. A love of balanced beauty.
Know smooth copy, slick photography, + spacious design are keys upping visibility (+ cash flow.)

I //

Am your designer + collab co-pilot, here to articulate your digital essence.
Craft polished works of virtual identity that catch the eye + hold attention + inspire trust.
Hone in on your “vibe” (my secret superpower), to translate your brilliance on screen.
Have a sixth sense for photos & typography that fits your ambiance flawlessly.
Bring my A-Game to everything we create – no exceptions.  

WE //

Build a distinct design that suits your business, goals, and audience like a glove.
Weave together your ideas, aesthetic, & message into an unmistakable standout brand.
Co-collaborate + strategize, to create top tier products that = big love + bigger results.
Hold space to dream up fresh & innovative concepts as we work.
Can mix it up, rock it out, and make something jaw-droppingly incredible.  

You’re ready, yeah? Let’s do this.


Below, you’ll find snapshots of everything I offer.

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Premium Manifesto Design

You want: to whip up a truly stunning, quippy, all-around badass manifesto with serious viral potential.
This critical brand credo shouts from the web’s rooftops exactly what you stand for. You can put a piece like this to work for your business, blog, new book, and more.

I will: take your written manifesto or favorite quote, and weave the text into an eye-catching design specifically created for you + your brand – in just ONE DAY.

Maybe you’ve seen my work around? I’ve designed manifestos for names like Danielle LaPorte (as part of Striking Truths), Spirited (the eBook), Jess Ainscough, and Melissa Ambrosini. Now, it’s your turn.

Declare who you are + what your deal is, with designs for every social media platform. 

NOTE: with the exception of sourced famous quotes, please make sure the manifesto copy you submit is original. Be yourself – loud + proud, people!  

The Details + How it Works :  

1 business day.
(Turbocharged turnaround – because you’re ready for this.)


What's under the hood : 

  • An in-depth inspiration board 
  • ONE manifesto design
  • The final design delivered in FIVE formats (think JPG's, PDF's, Insta-Friendly sizes, and more)
  • BONUS : ONE 12" x 18" Printed Poster of your manifesto, shipped anywhere in the world 

 Premium Manifesto Design Investment : $997au

eBook Design Bundle

You want: An exquisitely designed PDF eBook you can sell for the big bucks, or give away with love. 

These digital products help businesses owners (like you) reach audiences on a massive scale, and help authors get their start in the publishing world.

I will: turn your final draft copy into an endlessly-readable virtual volume that attracts your right readers, and helps your words pop off the page.

With stunning cover design, attention-grabbing photos, promo images, and more – let’s put your work into the spotlight (where it belongs.)

The Details + How it Works :  

1-2 Weeks, depending on length


What's under the hood : 

  • An in-depth inspiration board 
  • Cover Design 

  • Full eBook Design (for between 8,000 - 12,000 words)

  • FIVE Stock Photos from Stocksy or Shutterstock

  • SIX promo images 

  • Your final design delivered as an interactive PDF

  • BONUS : A totally profesh, printed copy of your eBook, delivered anywhere in the world

eBook Design Investment : $2,750au (for 8,000 ­- 12,000 words)

eCourse Design Bundle

You want: a welcoming, professional, delightfully interactive design for the course you’ve poured your heart and soul into. But you should never blend in with the crowd.

An inviting, unique aesthetic is one of the keys to a course with real staying power – one that that makes your tribe feel cared for, inspired, and excited to move forward.

Fact: beauty helps people click “BUY NOW.”

I will: craft enchanting and easy-to-navigate brand materials, including a logo and brand style guide, sales page, resource & PDF design, member website design, and more.

When it’s time to put your course on the web, I’ll connect you with an awesome developer who’ll be a perfect fit for your project. I'm on hand throughout the development process too, if you need me. I only recommend dev’s I’ve personally worked with or vetted, who’s already received my stamp of kickassery.

You’re putting something bigger out in the world. Let’s create a beautiful home for it that’s effortlessly on-point and on-brand.

The Details + How it Works :  

4 to 6 weeks of high-octane 1-1 work


What's under the hood : 

Brand Design

  • An in-depth inspiration board 
  • Full Brand Design
  • A 2-Page Style Guide (with examples on how to use your rad new branding)
  • ALL Logo + Brand files supplied in every format you'll ever need
  • Promo Images Galore

Resource Design

  • Full PDF Resource Design
  • Video Template Design (plus any other extra templates you may need)

Website Design (Various options, depending on what you need for your course)

  • Full Sales Page Design
  • Members Site Design

eCourse Design Investment : Starting from $8,500au


Branding + Website Design

You want: a fully designed site and brand materials that are flawless expressions of you and your business – the kind that stays true and completely distinct, even while you grow like crazy.

You’re looking for a one-of-a-kind creation that stands out, grabs & holds attention, and tells readers exactly who you are before they’ve even read a word.

I will: whip up a comprehensive collection of everything you’ll need for your digital home – a brand style guide, logos, launch materials, social media graphics & email layouts, media kit and manifesto magic, full site creation, and more.

This gang of beautifully-branded goodness helps you stand out the way you’ve always wanted to. That means you’ll bring in more of your right people, and long-term readers and buyers can fall in love with your work all over again.

Once we’ve finalized everything, we'll hook up our chosen developer to code & put your project online. All dev’s I recommend are folks I’ve personally worked with or vetted, so you feel confident + ready to conquer that final step.

The Details + How it Works :  

6 to 8 weeks of high-octane 1-1 work

What's under the hood : 

Brand Design

  • An in-depth inspiration board 
  • Full Brand Design
  • A Comprehensive 10-Page Style Guide (so you can keep rockin' your new brand once we've finished working together)
  • BRAND COLLATERAL, including your choice from Media Kit Design, Mini eBook Design, Manifesto Design, Business Card + Postcard Designs, and more
  • ALL Logo + Brand files supplied in every format you'll ever need

Website Design 

  • Full Wireframe Design
  • Full Website Design
  • All website files handed to the Developer of our choice

Branding + Website Design Investment : From $10,000au

Current Availability

April : Booked Out

May : Manifesto Design + eBook Design (Limited space available)

June : Manifesto Design + eBook Design (Limited space available)

Please note : I currently don't have any space for eCourse and Branding + Website Design available until around September/October. To stay in the loop and to get notified if a space opens up, enter your deets below!


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