The Unmistakable Effect is a monthly digital magazine to get you stoked on winning at your own game.

ISSUE 07 — inspiration vs imitation — IS OUT NOW!


let's kick this off with some real talk ::

I’m not here to pitch you some bullshit-generic dream, then try to convince you that what I'm selling has all of the answers... Because it doesn’t.

There isn't a single product on the planet that will solve all of your problems… (but you already know that).

But here’s what I can tell you ::
You can get to where you want to go, if you commit to
doing the work on your own terms.  

That part about doing things on your own terms — that's the money... And it seems as though we've kinda forgotten that lately. Everywhere you look there's webinars about how to make 6 figures yesterday, or posts about how to triple your mailing-list size in 5 minutes, or courses about how to be successful (on someone elses terms).

Sure, this stuff has value, but where's the soul at, fam? 


And this... This is exactly why The Unmistakable Effect exists. 


The Unmistakable Effect is a monthly digital magazine.

But Really?
It's So Much More Than That.

It's a damn-good-time shindig, and you're invited. (Bring your friends!)
It's a playbook for flipping how-it's-been-done on it's head.
It's a break from the all of the striving.
It's all curiosity + openness (and zero 'follow-my-proven-steps-to-success' bullshit). 
It's joining a gang of other peeps who are just as devoted to doing their own thing + creating epic shit in this world.

It's A Big Ole' Permission Slip To Fuck Off The Rules And Do Things Your Way.

Once again, you’ve outdone yourself. This is another raw + real version of events that hits you in the face, straight up. You pull no punches, and I love it. It’s like your words reach down into my dark soul and flick the switch to my inner light + passion.

I don’t know what it is but I not only relate to your words, but I feel them. Like down in the pit of your guts, feel them. I find when I’m having a not to great mental health day by reading your words you can lift me up and bring life back into my lungs.
— Lia Halsall


Here's what makes The Unmistakable Effect rad, and different...


It’s a monthly subscription (aka, commitment to a long game).

This isn’t just a one-off product that you’ll get all stoked about, download, then forget about. It’s a commitment to the long game of carving your own path.

On the 1st of every month, a fresh new issue is delivered straight to ya Inbox, along with other bonus content + surprises from me along the way.


It’s all openness, and zero preaching.

The number one goal of The Unmistakable Effect is to get you stoked on winning at your own game… YOUR. OWN. GAME. Not what everyone else is telling you ya should be doing. 

So you won't see any 'proven formulas to success' here, just straight-up articles, features, and stories about winning at your own game.


Each Issue is based around a certain theme.

This means less generic content, and more honing-in on one particular vibe for each issue.

Issue 01 was called 'No Apologies', so it was all about how to really get after life for yourself, without asking for permission every 5 minutes — while still doing it with grace and respect for other peeps. Issue 02 was called 'Do The Work' so it was all about showing the fuck up + making stuff happen... You get the idea? 


It's part traditional magazine, and part playbook.

Inside each issue you'll find a bunch of solid articles and features, and you'll also find a Playbook section with prompts and other actionable shit to help you take all of the inspo + vibes, and actually put stuff into ACTION in your life. 

Because getting shit done > talking about getting shit done, right?


if you need solid visuals to engage with what you're consuming, this is for you.

This isn’t just a boring-as-shit PDF with a bunch of words and pictures thrown in.
If you need solid design to really get you stoked and engaged on what you’re consuming, I think you’re gonna dig The Unmistakable Effect.


I just got your magazine and I absolutely love the design! It is the most refreshing magazine design I have seen in like forever. The content is super and I absolutely love that there are so many woman contributors.
— Margit Hylland

Here's a look inside Issue 07 — 
Inspiration vs Imitation, out now!

The Unmistakable Effect |

Here's a look at what you can Find Inside ::

  • Up Your Game + Open Your Mind — An interview with Corina Nika (of Cocorrina)
  • Just Do You — An interview with Natalie Comstock (of Style + Spirit)
  • Consume Less, Create More — An interview with Jo Klima (of The Darling Tree)
  • You Ain't Gonna Influence The World By Being Just Like It — An interview with Sarah Wilder (of The Fifth Element Life)
  • Words to the Motherfucking Wise — With Steph Jagger
  • + loads more goodness to jam on.

more of inside Issue 07 — Inspiration vs Imitation...



The Unmistakable Effect isn’t here to preach a bunch of shit to you, or to dish out any kind of 'proven' formulas to success (because you're not stupid, and you know they don't exist). 

It's here to get you pumped on living your life on your own terms — by serving up features and stories from people who are out there making it happen, and then giving you tools and resources to get after it for yourself.

I am loving The Unmistakable Effect! I literally squeal when it lands in my inbox. I stop everything I’m doing and read the entire thing. I feel inspired and motivated for almost the entire month after reading it. I take more action from this magazine than from almost anything I consume.
— Katie Lee


Here's how it goes down... 


Just like a regular subscription, sign up to The Unmistakable Effect for $27 USD/month, through PayPal.


After signing up, Issue 07 — Inspiration vs Imitation will hit your Inbox in no time! You can then read it however you like — on your desktop, mobile device, or you can print it out too.


Then, on the 1st of each month, you'll get the download link for the new issue straight in ya Inbox. And as long as your subscription is active, you'll have access to your downloads.

sweet deal, right?


And because I know you're probably thinking about it by now... You can easily cancel your subscription at any time. All subscriptions are set up through PayPal — so you don't have to worry about signing up for something you can't get out of. You can easily cancel at any time, right from within your PayPal account.


The Unmistakable Effect is for you if

You’re sick of doing things the way they've always been done, and you're stoked to start winning at your own game.  

So... You in?

OMG Sian! The Unmistakeable Effect is a serious breath of freakin’ fresh air! There is nothing like it out there and seriously no skimming that shit because you want to soak up each and every word written... I can’t wait for the next issue.
— Amanda Acosta

And because it's good to define what you're not...

The Unmistakable Effect is not a business magazine.

Sure, there will be articles and features that are definitely biz-related, but that's not what it's all about. We'll jam on everything from being an entrepreneur to traveling like a boss to setting goals + getting after what you want to relationships, and everything in between. We're all about winning at your own game — beyond just your business + how you make money.



Ready to commit like a mofo to winning at your own game?

Let's go.


All subscriptions are set up through PayPal, so you can cancel anytime.



Here's a look at past issues...

Issue 01 :: No Apologies
Issue 02 :: Do The Work
Issue 03 :: Eyes Wide Open
Issue 04 :: Make The Damn Space
Issue 05 :: Make Moves, Not Resolutions
Issue 06 :: The Myth of Making It


You can hit up the back issues shop once you're subscribed, to get your hands on previous issues!

What I really appreciate about the Unmistakable effect is that it doesn’t feel like a statement, but an open-ended question that makes me continue the conversation.
— Anamaria Dukic

A little note from me about why I wanted to create this...

The Unmistakable Effect |

Ya know how people say you gotta create the stuff you wish existed? Well, The Unmistakable Effect is one of those things
for me.

As I started brainstorming new product ideas, I kept hitting a wall... Some kind of eCourse? Nah... A membership site? Nah... Design templates? Nah... 

A digital magazine devoted to getting people stoked on winning at their own game? Fuck. Yes. I instantly knew this was something I could be 100% on board with. 

I wanted to create something that's fun + fresh, hugely valuable, accessible, and just DIFFERENT... So, here it is fam. This is what I'm bringing to the table, and I'm so pumped about the possibilities for TUE. I can't wait to share more of it with you, and I hope ya dig it! 


Questions? I got answers.

+ What if I want to cancel my subscription?

No problem! All subscriptions are set up via PayPal so it’s super easy to cancel at anytime, right from within your own PayPal account.

+ How do I read the magazine? Do I need an iPad or something?

Nope, you don't need an iPad! The magazine is delivered straight to your Inbox as a single PDF, so you can easily view it on whatever device works for you. You can read it on your Desktop, or transfer it to iBooks (my personal fave) to read on your iPhone or iPad, or easily send it to any other mobile device.

+ Is this just going to be a book of quotes or cheap inspiration?

Nope, def not. This was something I wanted to be very conscious of, as I think preaching inspiration is cheap and easy. While there are quotes + words of wisdom throughout each issue, they are not the main feature. There's articles, submissions, and lots of other stuff to actually help you show up and DO THE WORK.

+ Is this just going to be a book of ads?

Hell no. And in fact, the first Issue has ZERO ads. The very last thing I want for The Unmistakable Effect is for it to turn into just a big-ass book of ads.

+ How is the magazine delivered?

The magazine is delivered as a single, slick-as-fuck PDF to your Inbox each month. (There's no membership website).

+ If I subscribe in the future, will I get access to back issues?

No, so from whenever you sign up, you get every issue moving forward.
For example if you sign up in 3 months time, you'd get Issue 03 + every issue moving forward, but you won't automatically get all of the back issues (although you'd be able to purchase them separately).

+ Where’s the print version?!

Right now The Unmistakable Effect is a digital only magazine.

+ Is there a community to join?

Not right now.

+ What will future issues of the magazine be like?

As I mentioned above, each issue of The Unmistakable Effect is based around a 'theme'. So the first Issue is all about living a 'No Apologies' life. The second Issue (due out October 1st) is titled 'Do The Work', so it's all about doing the work to get to where you wanna be... You get the idea? So there could be other future issues around travel, money, you name it... I've got some super exciting stuff lined up for future issues, but I can't give it all away just yet!

+ What if you change the price of The Unmistakable Effect in the future?

If the price of The Unmistakable Effect ever changes, your existing subscription would be cancelled, and you'd have to manually sign up at the new price. So you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the charges to your PayPal account — the amount can't be changed after you've signed up. No dodgy-ness around here, man.

+ Do you offer refunds?


+ How can I be a contributor?

At this stage I am not taking submissions for contributors. If you want to stay in the loop and be notified if this changes, you can join the Standout Squad (my mailing list) over here, as this is always the first place I send out hot news.

+ Help! I still haven't received my order email?

By default, all confirmations will be sent to the email address associated with your PayPal account. To change this, flick me an email at and we'll fix it up!

Still need to ask me something?
Gimme a yell at, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Come as you are.
Take what you need.
Leave stoked + ready to win at your own game. 


So, ya ready to commit like a mofo to winning at your own game?

Let's go.


All subscriptions are set up through PayPal, so you can cancel anytime.


Please note :: 15% GST will be added at the checkout for all orders placed within New Zealand.