I help creative entrepreneurs win at their own game.

The Unmistakable Effect is a monthly digital magazine to get you stoked on winning at your own game.

Issue 08 — the branding issue, is out now! along with a special lil' bundle offer for the month of april...


Let's kick this off with some real talk ::

I’m not here to pitch you some bullshit-generic dream, then try to convince you that what I'm selling has all of the answers... Because it doesn’t.

There isn't a single product on the planet that will solve all of your problems… (but you already know that).

But here’s what I can tell you ::
You can get to where you want to go, if you commit to
doing the work on your own terms.  

That part about doing things on your own terms — that's the money... And it seems as though we've kinda forgotten that lately. Everywhere you look there's webinars about how to make 6 figures yesterday, or posts about how to triple your mailing-list size in 5 minutes, or courses about how to be successful (on someone elses terms).

Sure, this stuff has value, but where's the soul at, fam? 


And this... This is exactly why The Unmistakable Effect exists. 

What I really appreciate about the Unmistakable effect is that it doesn’t feel like a statement, but an open-ended question that makes me continue the conversation.

The Unmistakable Effect is a monthly digital magazine.

But Really?
It's So Much More Than That.

It's a damn-good-time shindig, and you're invited. (Bring your friends!)
It's a playbook for flipping how-it's-been-done on it's head.
It's a break from the all of the striving.
It's all curiosity + openness (and zero 'follow-my-proven-steps-to-success' bullshit). 
It's joining a gang of other peeps who are just as devoted to doing their own thing + creating epic shit in this world.

It's A Big Ole' Permission Slip To Fuck Off The Rules And Do Things Your Way.

And guess what?

This month's issue is 'The Branding Issue', so I've got a sweet lil' bundle offer for you that includes my branding course, Be Unmistakable!

Be Unmistakable is the Branding course you've been waiting for. It's here to teach you how to craft a truly badass, unmistakable Brand, on your own terms. The course first launched in 2015, and since then over 160 awesome entrepreneurs enrol + commit to taking their Brand to the next level. 

Along with Be Unmistakable, the bundle includes Play Bigger — my complete how-to guide for hiring your creative dream team. 


Here's a look inside Issue 08 — The Branding Issue — out now


I’ve had this Branding issue on the books for a little while now (well since I first launched The Unmistakable Effect last September), and I’m so pumped it’s finally here!

I wanted to mix up this issue with some case studies, resources, tips, and also some interviews with some of the most boss players around in this world of ‘Branding’ yourself. 

It’s not easy to brand yourself (especially as a solo entrepreneur), but it’s such an integral part of building a truly long-lasting, successful biz. But regardless of how hard it might be at times, I think it’s so damn awesome that we have a chance to create our own businesses and start putting shit out into the world, like, yesterday, and we’re able to put our whole selves into what we do and use it as an opportunity to craft something we’re proud of... So that's what this issue is all about.

And here's a look at what's inside ::

  • The New Rules of Branding :: 10 Things that should most def be on your radar if you're planning to build a Standout Brand in 2017
  • Be Your Bad, Funny, Wise Self :: An interview with Hillary Weiss 
  • On New Directions, Crafting Experiences, and Living Intentionally :: An interview with Megan Gilger of The Fresh Exchange
  • Good Vibes Only :: An interview with Dani Hunt of Neverland Studio
  • Brand Case Studies :: Taking a deeper look into how Bondi Sands, Jon Olsson, and Madison Hedlund are killing the game Branding right now
  • The Playbook :: Full of rad prompts for you to take action on your own Brand + biz
  • Words to the Motherfucking Wise, with Steph Jagger

the branding bundle includes...

  • issue 08 of the unmistakable effect, the branding issue


  • be unmistakable, my tried-and-true branding course

here's the full d-low!


a magazine to get you stoked on winning at your own damn game

Valued at :: $27 USD

The Unmistakable Effect isn’t here to preach a bunch of shit to you, or to dish out any kind of 'proven' formulas to success (because you're not stupid, and you know they don't exist). 

It's here to get you pumped on living your life on your own terms — by serving up features and stories from people who are out there making it happen, and then giving you tools and resources to get after it for yourself.

And Issue 08 — The Branding Issue? Damn, son. It's a good one.

We've got interviews from some of the smartest kids around in the Branding game — including pro copywriter Hillary Weiss, designer + creative whiz Dani Hunt from Neverland Studio, and Megan Gilger from the Fresh Exchange. Alongside these interviews there's some totally fresh Brand case studies, tips, and prompts for ya.

All in all, pair this baby up with Play Bigger and Be Unmistakable and you're on track for one hell of a Branding refresh. 



My complete how-to guide for hiring your creative dream-team

Valued at :: $37 USD

Finding and hiring creative pro's for your next big project, biz re-brand or course can be... Freakin' intimidating.

We’ve all heard the hiring horror stories, right? About freelancers falling off the face of the earth, or running off with the cash, or just not delivering the goods as expected. Yikes.

Then there’s all the other stress. What if that designer/copywriter/videographer doesn’t “get you”? What if they send you something you hate, and you end up wasting thousands of dollars on… 0 It’s enough to make you want to hide behind your laptop and just DIY that shit, right?

Here’s the thing: if you want to take your awesome business, work, and visibility to the next level, you NEED brilliant talent in your corner to help you kick it up a notch.

Plus, great creative support pays for itself, by helping you sell more stuff, faster than you ever dreamed. So I say: enough holding back. That’s why this Toolkit is here to help you ditch the fear, make totally confident creative hires, and build your dream team A.S.A.P.

This baby’s got everything ::

  • Worksheets to help you develop a creative brief, so you can communicate your vision clearly to anyone you hire

  • Interview tips to help you figure out who that right person is

  • Strategies for who to hire, when, so you don’t waste a dime, and are completely confident in your decision to bring someone on

  • Worksheets, resources, and checklists galore



a self-paced eCourse for solopreneurs who want to craft a Brand that stands out from the masses and feels like YOu

Valued at :: $147 USD

BU is on deck to teach you the principles of good design & branding, so you can create your own cohesive, original style from a smart + savvy headspace.

Basically: if your website is your “digital home”, clear knowledge of great branding is your your blueprint, foundation, and interior decorator. A clear brand vision helps you rise up above the noise, and attract clients, readers, and customers, who LOVE what you’re putting out there, and will follow you to the ends of the earth.

The best part? It’s a road map for you to follow whether you choose to DIY your digital presence, or hire a pro to kick it up a notch.

To date, over 160 entrepreneurs have gone through Be Unmistakable, and I still get awesome feedback for it on the reg. It's very straight-up + no-bullshit, with fun, tried and true processes that won't take months and months for you to work through.

Here's a look at the lessons ::

  • Lesson One // It's All You :: This one is all about getting to your WHY, and what makes you different from everyone else, and we'll create a rock-solid biz blueprint so you can rock through the rest of the course knowing exactly what your vibe is, and who you're creating for.  
  • Lesson Two // What Makes Good Design? :: To really understand what makes good Branding, we've gotta take a step back and look at Design and visuals as a whole.This Lesson is all about learning the basics of what makes badass design, and how you can bring it to your own Brand.
  • Lesson Three // Bring It To Your Brand :: In order to build a truly remarkable Brand, it's important to understand how the VISUALS can play such a big part in your biz. We'll take a look design principals, what consistent design is and why it matters so much; what NOT to do; and we'll also dive into how to create a Brand Style Guide, and SO much more. 
  • Lesson Four // Keep Killing It :: We'll talk about how to keep rockin' your Brand vibe into the future, how to grow your business authentically, and so much more. This Lesson is devoted to playing bigger and getting you thinking about how you can show up in a bigger way in your biz and your industry, in a way that feels right to you.
  • Bonuses // That you'll have to wait and see what they are...


At the end of it? Expect to :: 

  • Know what it takes to craft a stand-out brand in the online business world
  • Have a deeper understanding of the power of brand consistency: what it means, how to create & sustain it, and how this foundation will see you through for years to come (as you DIY your design, or hire creatives)
  • Feel more clued in to the power of high quality design + a look and feel that’s totally YOU
  • Uncover confidence you didn’t realise you had — and the know-how to put yourself out there in a powerful, unique-to-you way

All up you get...


The bundle price? 
$97 USD

ps. This is just a one-off payment, so you're not subscribing
to the magazine when you buy! 


Kind words from cool people — on
Be Unmistakable...


Here's 4 things you need to know about the Branding Bundle ::

  • The offer only stands for the month of April! After that it'll be GONE-SKIES.
  • It's instant access. So once you buy the bundle, a link will be waiting in your Inbox to download the goods and get amongst it
  • When you grab the bundle, you're NOT buying a subscription to The Unmistakable Effect, you're just grabbing this one issue (then if you want to subscribe for future issues, you can)
  • It's up for $97 USD (Usually these three products separately would cost ya $184 USD... Soooo not a bad deal right?)

So if you're ready to...

  • Kick "I'm clueless!" to the curb, and craft a brand vibe you love that feels like you, once and for all
  • Explore your business voice + aesthetic in a way that works for you
  • Develop your personal brand, and discover as you go, and just get it done already
  • BRING IT, with your ideas, your message, and your eye for aesthetics

Then let's do this shit. 

ps. Remember this is just a one-off payment, so you're not subscribing
to the magazine when you buy! 

OMG Sian! The Unmistakeable Effect is a serious breath of freakin’ fresh air! There is nothing like it out there and seriously no skimming that shit because you want to soak up each and every word written... I can’t wait for the next issue.
— Amanda Acosta

wondering what the past issues of the unmistakable effect are like? here they are...

Issue 01 :: No Apologies
Issue 02 :: Do The Work
Issue 03 :: Eyes Wide Open
Issue 04 :: Make The Damn Space
Issue 05 :: Make Moves, Not Resolutions
Issue 06 :: The Myth Of Making It
Issue 07 :: Inspiration vs Imitation

(You get access to the back issues shop when you subscribe to the mag!)



Questions? I got answers.

+ If I buy the bundle am I signing up to a subscription for the magazine too?

Nope! When you grab the bundle all you're getting your hands on is this Issue (Issue 08), and the Branding course Be Unmistakable. Then if you want to sign up for future issues of the magazine, you can.

+ How do I read the magazine? Do I need an iPad or something?

Nope, you don't need an iPad! The magazine is delivered straight to your Inbox as a single PDF, so you can easily view it on whatever device works for you. You can read it on your Desktop, or transfer it to iBooks (my personal fave) to read on your iPhone or iPad, or easily send it to any other mobile device.

+ Is this just going to be a book of quotes or cheap inspiration?

Nope, def not. This was something I wanted to be very conscious of, as I think preaching inspiration is cheap and easy. While there are quotes + words of wisdom throughout each issue, they are not the main feature. There's articles, submissions, and lots of other stuff to actually help you show up and DO THE WORK.

+ Is this just going to be a book of ads?

Hell no. And in fact, the first Issue has ZERO ads. The very last thing I want for The Unmistakable Effect is for it to turn into just a big-ass book of ads.

+ How is the magazine delivered?

The magazine is delivered as a single, slick-as-fuck PDF to your Inbox each month. (There's no membership website).

+ Can I just buy the magazine or the course separately?

You can! If you want to grab the magazine by itself, scroll to the bottom of this page and you'll find the 'Buy Now' link. And you can buy Be Unmistakable by itself over here, but the price more than what you're paying for this bundle offer.

+ Is there a community to join?

There is! You'll find the link + info in the magazine.

+ Do you offer refunds?

Not at this time.

+ How can I be a contributor?

At this stage I am not taking submissions for contributors. If you want to stay in the loop and be notified if this changes, you can join the Standout Squad (my mailing list) over here, as this is always the first place I send out hot news.

+ Help! I still haven't received my order email?

By default, all confirmations will be sent to the email address associated with your PayPal account. To change this, flick me an email at hitmeup@freshbysian.com and we'll fix it up!

+ Where’s the print version?!

Right now The Unmistakable Effect is a digital only magazine.


Still need to ask me something?
Gimme a yell at hitmeup@freshbysian.com, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Come as you are.
Take what you need.
Leave stoked + ready to win at your
own game. 


Just want to get your hands on issue 08 by itself (without the bundle extras)? 

Sure thing... grab it here!


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A little note from me about why I wanted to create this...

The Unmistakable Effect | http://freshbysian.com/unmistakable-effect

Ya know how people say you gotta create the stuff you wish existed? Well, The Unmistakable Effect is one of those things for me.

As I started brainstorming new product ideas, I kept hitting a wall... Some kind of eCourse? Nah... A membership site? Nah... Design templates? Nah... 

A digital magazine devoted to getting people stoked on winning at their own game? Fuck. Yes. I instantly knew this was something I could be 100% on board with. 

I wanted to create something that's fun + fresh, hugely valuable, accessible, and just DIFFERENT... So, here it is fam. This is what I'm bringing to the table, and I'm so pumped about the possibilities for The Unmistakable Effect. I can't wait to share more of it with you, and I hope ya dig it!