I help game-changing entrepreneurs + small businesses (like you) craft stunning digital spaces to match their awesome work.

Translation: I’m on deck to help you be YOU, in the most powerfully distinct + eye-catching way possible.

With a taste for elegant lines, crisp typography, and busting down the boundaries of the expected, I design websites, and e-products that command attention + move crowds.

I specialise in Manifesto Design, eBook Design, eCourse Design, and Branding + Website Design.

Here's a few of my latest projects...


...The best thing about working with Sian is that she just gets it - she takes the time to immerse herself in my brand and always seems to come up with something conducive to my personality and values.
— Jess Ainscough |

Me + You

If you are

… Done comparing yourself to the big fish in your field

…. Stoked to step into the spotlight as YOU - not a copy of someone else

… After a personalized, 1 : 1 co-creation experience (instead of feeling like “just another client”)

... Amped to build something you & your tribe love long-term, because it’s your truth in perfect pixel form.

We oughta talk.

Before the course had even started I lost count of the number of times I’d been complimented on the design, and I love that once the members were ‘inside’ and started receiving the modules, the comments continued to roll in. ‘Stunning!’ ‘So PRO!’ ‘Beyond beautiful!’
— Rachel MacDonald |

Here's what you need to know...


Currently, I offer two services: eBook Design,
and Branding + Website Design

Investments begin at $2,750au for eBook Design, and range up to $10,000+, for eCourse Design and Branding + Website Design

I currently taking on a select amount of projects. See below for more info


Interested in working with me?

Right now I am taking on a select amount of work, in eBook Design, and Branding + Website Design. For more info, enter your details here. You'll also be on my Client Mailing List — where I send out updates about new services and spaces in my calendar. 

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My Story

I spend my days designing, and exploring this fine old world of ours.

I'm from New Zealand, but at the moment you'll find me wandering around Canada. 

I’m proud to say creatives, health coaches, life coaches, authors, photographers, and other groundbreakers walk through my digital doors on the reg.

Their world-changing work is a massive inspiration, and with every project, I find fresh ways to bring their personality, truth, and message to the screen. It rocks. Hard.

I've also got mad love for side projects, and I’ve collaborated on 4 to date. Most recently I teamed up with Death to The Stock Photo to interview game-changing creatives on how they keep it real and stay true. 


The Vibe is a place for a new spin on life. Travel. Self-Employment. Creativity + Design. Life. 

Do what it is you want to do. Be fucking great at it.


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